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Friday, July 5, 2013

Halfway There!

I'm going to open this randomly saying how some old guy at the laundry mat said I "have a track star body." Lmao, uh probably cause I have to walk everywhere bro.

I guess while some interns are trying to make friends, friends, not connections and party I'm just trying to see what this nation has to offer me. I didn't realize how close I was to Pennsylvania Avenue and the midst of downtown until I just decided to grab my purse, phone and head out. Originally I was suppose to be looking for a nail salon but I got wrapped up in talking with my best friend that I unknowingly stumbled upon Lafayette Park. D.C. is one of those places where you can just grab a camera and go. Don't need to call/text anyone to come along, just go.

I was just walking along and saw a statue of a man on a horse and thought to myself, this looks pretty cool *picture*. There were a lot of people in what seems like an open road area taking pictures in front of a huge house (which had a gate in front of it). The people, the gate, nor the whiteness of the building registered in my head. I start to take pictures of my own and a couple asks me if I could take there photo.

Afterwards I ask them, "What is this?

"The White House"

I really tried to play it off like I wasn't that.....stupid. I think I said something along the lines like, "Oh."

After that I started taking more pictures of Lafayette Park and went even further down Pennsylvania Avenue. It's amazing how far you can go when you're just walking and observing your surroundings. I'm expecting to have a nice pair of legs when I return from D.C.
Back of White House

 Front of White House
I promise you, getting lost in D.C. is not hard and you see a lot when you do. There's much history in this city and you start to realize exactly why it is this nation's capital.
Sunday I went to The Smithsonian National Zoo. I figured that would be a perfect place to start my week with tons of pictures. The Zoo is free, so if you live or are visiting D.C. that's a great place to go. The only thing I was interested in really seeing are.........cheetahs and leopards. Those are my favorite animals and both equally beautiful. If I could own them as pets, I would be a proud cat lover. Cheetahs are slender and sexy, their tails are flatter towards the end, claws aren't fully retractable, and are the fastest animals on Earth. Leopards (my little beauty queens/kings)  are powerful and muscular, live a more solitary life, and are sneaky. One may find it weird my fascination with those animals but I find their characteristics charming and how similar their ways can be compared to a human. Challenge yourself, what type of animal are you?

Last week one of The Zoo's  rare red panda's escape, an animal that reminds you of a raccoon but with not black and white and can be found digging around in your trash.....or in the middle of the street late at night. Cuter basically. Walking around a zoo is tiresome and I spent over two hours there just snapping away pictures and marveling in the beauty of cats.

            Me holding a cheetah skull.

A main pro of posting once a week is that I get to make a compilation of my entire week into one big story. The main con: I have troubling remembering what I did earlier in the week. Even though I do take notes throughout the week, I find myself saying what day did I do this.

Tuesday was the last day of my ethics course. It was an interesting class. Ever since I started college if I leave a class remembering at least one thing, then it wasn't that much of a waste (because I'm paying for it). Do I want to take a Microeconomics course starting next week? Hell no. You can barely grasp economics in a full 15 week semester fall or spring. To do it in four? You tell me.

I went to Panera Bread on Monday for lunch, got a salad and sandwich; I was asked by the MANAGER that took my order what toppings did I want on my sandwich, no onions or tomatoes but mustard and mayo. Got my order and realized at work not only did I have tomatoes and onions but no mayo or mustard, it was even right on the receipt! Don't you hate that, when you order food and what you did not want is on there. It's like the restaurant said, "Yea we're just going to put it on there anyways." Of course my excuse every time that happens is, "They better be lucky I'm hungry."

The more I ride the Metro the more I think of this episode of  Rugrats called "Mr. Clean", where Chuckie gets paranoid by germs and becomes this germaphobe. I can only imagine how many times the seat I'm sitting in became someone's bed or is covered in bird flu. I have those cringe worthy moments every time someone sneezes behind me. It's not just the Metro, it's in general.

The other day at work I had a conversation with a red light district-dancer loving-motorcycle collecter-48-years-old-mama boy that has been to 10 countries, 25 states, and over 100 cities. Uhm in the matter of maybe 30 minutes I learned he still lives with his mother, has never been married, no children of his, buys the dancers' kids he has dated toys because they don't have a daddy, was engaged to a Swedish woman but went to Brazil where his head did a 360 and dropped her like a Swedish meatball (lol), has his female dancer women leave out the back door or window when he shouldn't have brought them home to mama (where I suggested they have skills); he doesn't drink, smoke or gamble but loves Miami and had some FBI after him or something. I wonder how in the hell did I play interested in what he was saying for so long. Oh and he has a pilot license and is going to buy a four passenger plane soon. I cannot believe I recounted that much of our conversation. He even asked me if I thought he was trying to be young like "these rappers" by his lifestyle. Dude...I do not know you from a can of paint. I did say maybe you need to try and settle down..............and find a new roomie. Okay I didn't say the roomie part but when I asked was he his mother's caretaker he said they were like this *crosses his fingers* so, I got the impression she does not have any health conditions that would permit her 48 year old son to be sneaking strippers down the side of the house. I don't know what it is about older guys and me! I hope that is not a sign that I have to move my husband's Depends to the side to get to my tampons.

Here's my weekly advice: Whole Foods is a rip off. Do not ever buy plantains from there or you will be waiting on kingdom come just for those things to ripe.

Yesterday I went to my first runners marathon in Virginia. No I didn't run, the story I'm working on caused me to be there, but I wish I could have participated. I never wanted to run so bad in my life, especially when it's for a good cause. I don't know if marathons are a "black people thing" but I enjoyed seeing the ones who were out there running. Overall that marathon inspired me and I will be signing up for one next time there is one when I'm home.

Happy 237th birthday AMERICA!!!!!

I celebrated on the west lawn at U.S. Capitol at the annual 'A Capitol Fourth 2013 Concert' hosted by Tom Bergeron and performances by: Barry Manilo, Neil Diamond, Motown Broadway, Darren Criss, Candice Glover and that's just a few. Not only was it HOT AS HELL but I was walking for about a hour and half and then waited over a hour in line! I did all this by myself just so you know. I told you, I really don't need people with me to have a good time. Now I'm not stupid I won't go walking the streets at 2 a.m. alone but things like a 4th of July concert I do not mind going solo. The concert was followed by firework and it was just a beautiful scene. As I sat in the grass I closed my eyes and had I love my life moment. I am very thankful for what the Lord has brought me through and where He's leading me.
 Waited in that line for over a hour.
Horrible picture but the fire works were beautiful.

I am about fed up with my roommates. But I'm just saying four more weeks four more weeks. I share a room with one and she actually had the nerve to ask me, "Can you stop that noise" that my phone was making for text alerts. I had to stop myself from going to the 'Sounds' and playing it manually and adding a "please" after her request. This is why I can't do this double bed merde. Do I complain when her alarm goes off early as hell loud as hell. Today guess what time her alarm went off? 6 o'clock a.m. She left for work at 8:30 a.m rambling loud as hell getting ready. I have my alarm set very low so that I do not disturb her but that may change. Oh and another one of my roommates said she preferred I not use her pot. Like goodness gracious. I can be selfish with my things some(a lot) of times, but I understand that we're here for only two months and work most of the day so using my things isn't that much a big of a deal. If I wanted to, I could tell my dorm mates don't use anything I brought for the dorm only I can use it. Somebody is going to get it, I don't know who but somebody is going to go home with a sour black girl taste in their mouth.

Well I think that's all I got. Hope you enjoyed and may you enjoy your week.

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